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Every year, SAT-7, a Christian Satellite TV company, receive thousands of stories through personal correspondence with their huge audience in the Middle East and North Africa. They hear about how lives have been transformed through their inspirational programming.


Our brief from their USA office was to represent these stories, to see audiences in the midst of their struggles and situations. We developed an idea that kept the TV as the central motif - whilst people and situations change across the scenes, SAT-7 continues to broadcast programmes that bring education, inspiration and hope. That felt like stories worth telling.

We had some big challenges, not least to make a film that’s set in the Middle East, in damp old Bristol in the South West of England. We also had to work out the challenge of creating a continuous shot over four different locations.


With some good research, hefty art design, a green screen, and Christophe opening up his magic bag of tricks in the Edit Suite, hey Presto! we’re there. Actually, there was nothing ‘Hey Presto’ about it…just crazy long hours and graft piecing it all together.

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