From charity campaigns, to branded content, motion graphics & music videos, our focus is on creating compelling, memorable films, and bringing worthwhile stories to life.














A great visual story
We help you to communicate your ideas, stories, and values in the most engaging way possible. We love the development process, taking time to understand your work and your audience, to create great content and realise the vision for the film you need.

Strong Messages & Branding

We know that a film says a lot about who you are and will support you with messaging and branding, researching & scripting, casting & location scouting, shot-listing & storyboarding. We are attentive to who and where your audience is and how best to connect with them. We work closely with clients and contributors to create clear message-driven films.

Collaboration & Communication

We keep you in the loop - we love to include you in our creative process, valuing your feedback as we co-create your project, liaising with you throughout the entire journey from the first meeting to the final cut.​​


Beautifully crafted films
We always strive for excellence - working with a team of talented professionals to produce high quality work. We take a flexible approach - whether you require a single camera operator, a full production team, or an animator, we find a solution that fits.


High quality, affordable & safe
We are agile and work quickly with small crews to ensure we can make high end films affordable for you. We use great tools - filming with great crew and top quality professional equipment to maintain excellent production values for a film that looks and sounds great. We risk assess everything and are fully insured.


Highly trained crew

We can also work on your projects - if you simply need a camera operator, drone pilot, sound recordist, or another key area of production, we can provide competitive daily rates.​


A range of services
We offer a range of post-produciton services - including editing, sound mixing , colour grading, visual effects, title design, music composition and more. As well as working on our own projects, we can offer post production services to you for your project.​

Sound & Music
We recognise that films are as much about what you make an audience feel as well as what they discover. As well as great sound, knowing that the right piece of music, composed or tailored from stock to suit the piece, can help this no end. We have a small recording suite and all the compositional tools to get this just right.  

Unique looks

We can create different ‘looks’ - our footage is shot in super-wide dynamic range so that we can colour grade your film in a variety of styles. 

We are especially driven to make films that matter - films that value, motivate, and move people.

We love to help clients realise their vision, creating beautiful and compelling films that really stand out and connect with audiences.

"We are truly amazed by the work and talent of Eyes Up Films: they showed real craftsmanship in their storytelling, cinematics, realism, emotive scores, and capturing of breathtaking moments on film. They do, indeed create stories worth telling.”


Josh Vernin

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